WEST Management Tokyo is a fashion agency representing both men and women.
WEST built its reputation by entering the market with a street savvy casting appeal,
then elevating to "Beauty on the Edge."
The WEST board has decades of experience and great relationships with leading agencies around the world.
The WEST vision is to provide models with a positive,
enthusiastic and balanced environment so that models can thrive to their best potential in the Tokyo market. WEST prides itself on excellent communication,
complete transparency, compassion and understanding, while we nurture and develop young models' careers for Japan.


Mens Div


Yumi Hashiguchi / yumi@west-management.jp

Ihon/ ihon@west-management.jp

Womens Div


Shinsuke Iijima / shin@west-management.jp

Scouting Director

Anastasia Kirikova / nastya@west-management.jp


Chiba Bldg 101,1-7-19 Uehara,Shibuyaku,Tokyo,
151-0064 Japan
TEL +81-3-6427-8626 / FAX +81-3-6427-8638

代々木上原駅から徒歩 6分 /
6min walk from Yoyogi Uehara Station
代々木八幡駅から徒歩 5分 /
5min walk from Yoyogi Hachiman Station
代々木公園駅から徒歩 7分 /
7min walk from Yoyogi Koen Station